Digital Marketing – Strategy, Awareness, Conversion, and Retention

Digital marketing started with the invention of the email. However, after decades of improving the advertising and marketing scene, the age of digital evolution is born. With digital technology, life became simple and accessible, and marketers used the various platforms to change the purchasing, and consumer pattern of the market.

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What is digital marketing?

This is using innovation and electronic media to market your products and services to the outside world through platforms like Facebook and Instagram or electronic media like billboards, television, and radio and text messages. Businesses that leverage digital marketing do so by carefully monitoring and analyzing the activities online such as conversion, retention, awareness, and device new strategies to succeed in the market.

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How can a business achieve all the above?


For any business to succeed in the world today; it needs a digital marketing strategy that covers all aspect of the market and the customers. An essential and practical strategy is to determine what rightly fits your business and how to develop an online presence that will attract your customers and keep them coming back for more. Brands need to ensure they have a great SEO, mobile and user-friendly website, and an excellent customer relationship.


We live in an era where innovation and brand awareness is a must for any business to remain in the market. Digital brand awareness is especially essential when launching a new product or services. If customers are aware of the products through social media, it drives sales and clients to the product and encourages purchase and profits. Digital marketing is the best type of marketing because it enables quick communication and distribution of a brand faster than other media.



This is pretty straightforward. When customers visit your site, you should convert these clicks or views to lead that generate income and returns for the business. One way to activate the conversion is through a call to action; by performing a simple task, you are converting these clients into paying customers and making money for your brand. Conversion rates are used to measure the ROI tracks your brand awareness and strengthens your marketing strategy.


Not until recently, customer retention took a back seat in the business marketing world but is now an important tool in the success of a business employing digital marketing to engage customers. The main aim of retention marketing is to keep them engage and interested in your products and service for as long as possible through building a better customer relationship.

How can a business achieve all the above?

To successfully distinguish your brand in the business world, one has to learn to incorporate all the above into their digital marketing strategy. With that said, having a professional team to develop your digital market is very important to your business.

At Bravo Films, we understand the importance of customer attraction, conversion, and retention and so we discuss with our clients to come up with a strategy that fits your brand message for the

For more information on how to update or rebrand your business in today’s innovative world, visit our website today and enjoy huge sale, conversion, and retention.

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