Perro Sombra – Mi Salud Mental


Daniel Gómez, leader of the band, made to talk a little about professional life and while it went by there was a click since even though the pandemic was beginning so they knew it would be a very difficult project because it was not It could be recorded in the way everyone was used to since it happened in February, and for the first time I had the opportunity to choose the one to record from among four singles.

Despite being a local rock group, despite the fact that it was being born it was so good and they had such well-made music, in the end it was decided to collaborate on My Mental Health and this was the first single from the album, for which it was due to carry out as soon as possible, recounting a bit of what the beginning would be like, Daniel got an idea that the first shot was of a sitting person and based on this the story of the video began to develop, these were based on several films as were fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Requiem for a dream and The Shining.

In the process, he went deeper into different stories, one of them is the addiction to opioids and that is where the symbolism of 512 comes from; and a call for attention is made to the consumption epidemic that is occurring in the USA, later the storyboard was presented through a video call since the pandemic was still continuing, and that is how it began to shoot later, filming a duration of more than 14 hours.

The recognitions were a sample of the hard work that he did and that without a doubt the production has been acclaimed in countless festivals, and although it was a project like the one that had never been worked on, the recognition rewards all the hard work that had to be done, having the participation of people in different countries such as the United States, Germany and Argentina.


Perro Sombra – Mi Salud Mental


  • Video Production
  • Edition and assembly
  • Direction and development




Production Team

Perro Sombra-Mi Salud Mental (Official Video)

Second Single- Debut Album

Song: Mi Salud Mental / @perrosombra

Directed and starring: @elnestornillador

Edited: Alex Rarisch @iam_visualfilms.⁣

Camera: Daniel Martinez @dfavoritecolor

Art direction: Mariana Bonazzi.⁣ @nannabonazzi

Colorgrading: Alex Rarisch ( @iam_visualfilms )⁣

Executive producer: @perrosombra

Mua: @beautyfashionbyjimena & Clarelys Aguilera.⁣

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