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CEO | Director | Producer

Nestor Bravo is a CEO, director, actor and producer from Venezuela based in the metropolitan D.C area in the United States.

He’s considered a recognized voice in the Venezuelan entertainment industry, thanks to his collaborations as co-host in the television shows “Todo por Venezuela” and “Gente Nueva”, two youth contest programs of great national relevance. He also starred in the TV soaps “Libres como el viento” and “Nadie me dirá cómo quererte”.

Driven by his passion for cinematography and audiovisual direction, he moved to the United States to start his professional career as a TV Producer. He was a presenter for the critically acclaimed program “Buenos Días DC”, a newscast broadcast by the television network Univision in the metropolitan area of Washington D.C.

Bravo has won two Capital Emmy Awards for the TV show “Silvana Quiroz Presenta” broadcast by the Telemundo 44 television network, one as a director and the other as a producer. In addition, he directed and acted in the music video “Mi Salud Mental”, by the rock band called Perro Sombra, with which he won the Best Music Video award at the Venice Film Festival.

He works as an educator, sharing his knowledge in directing, production and video editing to companies and individuals seeking to learn from his talent. He has participated as a speaker for recognized institutions such as the University of George Mason in Arlington, where he was invited as a keynote speaker for the Latino Youth Conference.

Throughout his career, he has developed technical skills ranging from directing and producing to broadcasting live concerts.

Currently, he’s the CEO, director and producer of the digital media agency Bravo Films & Media, where he leads a multicultural team that works remotely from different countries around the world.

He is the writer of the book “7 Steps To Begin Creating High Quality Videos”, where he delves into techniques to produce professional audiovisual content without the need to invest in specialized equipment.

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A comprehensive guide about the right process to make professional looking videos without breaking your bank.

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