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Meet our CEO, Nestor Bravo, the driving force behind our company!
His journey through the dynamic world of media is a testament to his unwavering passion, creativity, and dedication.

Hailing from Venezuela and now firmly rooted in the Metropolitan D.C. area of the United States, Nestor is a multifaceted talent who wears many hats well.



Nestor is a known figure in the Venezuelan entertainment industry. He has co-hosted popular youth contest programs such as Todo por Venezuela and Gente Nueva. In addition, he has also acted in TV soap operas such as Libres como el viento and Nadie me dirá cómo quererte, showcasing his diverse talents.

Nestor Bravo
Nestor Bravo



Fueled by his passion for cinematography and audiovisual artistry, Nestor journeyed to the United States to pursue a career as a TV producer. He was a presenter for the critically acclaimed program Buenos Días DC, a newscast broadcast by the television network Univision in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C.



Nestor’s creative genius earned him two prestigious Capital Emmy Awards for the TV show “Silvana Quiroz Presenta,” which aired on the Telemundo 44 television network. His contributions as director and producer elevated the show to remarkable heights. 

Notably, Nestor directed and acted in the music video “Mi Salud Mental” for the rock band Perro Sombra, clinching the coveted Best Music Video award at the Venice Film Festival.


Work Experience

Nestor’s extensive work experience further reflects his dedication and expertise:

Video Producer at Entercom

6 years 4 months

Responsibilities included writing, shooting, and editing video concepts into commercial spots for national broadcasts, documentaries, and event highlight reels.

Co-Anchor & Weather Forecaster at Entravision Communications

2 years 4 months

Responsibilities involved co-anchoring and providing extensive daily weather and traffic reports for the live show “Buenos Dias DC” on Univision Washington, D.C.

Founder and President at Carpe Media Creations

12 years 2 months

Nestor demonstrated versatility and motivation as a media producer, with experience both inside the studio/office and in the field. His roles encompassed acting, voice-over, video production, audio production, web development, documentary storytelling, graphic design, and more. He possesses a special talent for integrating multiple visual elements into compelling stories that enhance understanding of a project, brand, or organization.

Visual/Web & Customer Service Manager at Global Financial Enterprises

1 years 8 months

Duties included designing, developing, and managing websites and social media profiles. Nestor created and managed media campaigns for Tax Season, which included audio, video, and print production. He also designed and implemented all visual elements for the web and office. Nestor’s efforts led to an improved overall internet visibility and reputation through constant SEO development. Additionally, he supervised and managed the Customer Service Department.


Today, Nestor Bravo is at the helm of Bravo Media Corp., serving as its CEO, director, and producer. He leads a multidisciplinary team united by their commitment to excellence.

Nestor generously shares his expertise in directing, production, and video editing with individuals and companies eager to learn from his talent. His knowledge also graces the halls of esteemed institutions like the University of George Mason in Arlington, where he served as a keynote speaker at the Latino Youth Conference.

Additionally, Nestor is the author of “7 Steps To Begin Creating High-Quality Videos,” a comprehensive guide that unveils techniques for crafting professional audiovisual content without the need for specialized equipment.

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