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January 2020


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WAEA is a passionate and global non-profit organization headquartered in the heart of Washington, D.C. Their mission is simple yet profound: they aim to unite like-minded leaders and advocates from around the world to drive the change we all believe in. At the core of their mission are seven key principles of agroecology (Opportunity for Farmers, Local & Diverse, Wellness for All, Demonstrate, Socially Just, Balanced and One Earth).

These principles are the driving force behind their movement, seeking to reverse the impacts our modern-day agricultural system has had on our planet, its inhabitants, and its ecosystems. Through a collaborative effort, they empower small-scale farmers, celebrate diversity, and ignite the execution of solutions.

In a dynamic collaboration, WAEA has partnered with Bravo Media, our esteemed agency, for a compelling reason—to leverage the power of digital marketing and multimedia storytelling in amplifying their mission and driving positive change in the world.


Crafting a fresh, vibrant brand identity that embodies the spirit of agroecology and their global mission.

Social Media Engagement

Taking the WAEA message to a global audience, fostering connections, and building a community around their vision.

Digital Strategy and Content Creation

A holistic approach to their digital presence, combining strategic planning and authentic content to share their story.

Website Development

We have designed and meticulously developed the WAEA website to be an informative hub, a platform to inspire change and a catalyst for global action.

Photography & Video

Capturing the essence of their mission through powerful visual narratives, telling the story of WAEA's journey.

At Bravo Media Corp, we are driven by a shared vision: to empower organizations like WAEA with creative solutions that drive real change.

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